Ron Boots – Standing in the Rain

Ron Boots - Standing in the Rain

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Ron Boots – Standing in the Rain
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2014

From the beginning, movies, tv series and books have always been an important source of inspiration for the music of Ron Boots. Just check out “Bookworks” or “The X-Files”-series, while almost all other solo albums contain a few cinematic tracks of their own.

“Standing in the Rain” is a full album of this kind of music, a bit of a different breed compared to Ron’s regular releases, featuring guitarist Frank Dorittke and drummer Harold van der Heijden on several pieces. The narrative 60-minute album still is rich in sound and full of emotion, blending the intimate and elemental (“Closed eyes”, “Longing for…”) with contemporary electronic and symphonic styles.

Opener “A good day to live” simply expresses the pure joy and beauty of life (even giving a voice to the euphoric as the track is set in motion), while brightness, confidence and comfort airs all through “Desolate Station” (although I’m not a fan of the trumpet & Em synthesis). The progrock-ish/sympho style of “A Bright New Day” though comes quite close to the output of MorPheuSz, with Frank Dorittke playing some energetic guitar solos. The orchestral feel is addressed nicely on “Lament for the lonely” and the Game of Thrones-inspired “Of Wolves, Lannisters and Dragons”. “Running from Walkers” found at the end is a hybrid of the MorPheuSz and orchestra style.

Still, “Standing in the Rain” left me with an ambivalent feeling in the end. Despite its accessible and imaginative-oriented music, I wouldn’t classify the outcome a solid album due to its versatile, slightly inconsistent nature. Therefore I reckon some Boots-fans won’t be as appreciative on this voyage of discovery as they are used to.


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