Sayer – Time Travelers

Sayer - Time Travelers

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Sayer – Time Travelers
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

For this album, Sayer Seely spent a lot of effort in creating a work covered with a range of retro sounds referring to different periods in time. “Time Travelers” ended up eventually as a straightforward, sequencer-driven release where a range of infectious melodies and spheres merge.

Well, the music has turned out solid, tantelizing and catchy, releasing a nice boost of energy from the very start. The overall approach, smooth circular rotation of sounds, used pads and rolling rhythms slightly remind of German electronic music at times despite the characteristic vibrant aural Sayer signature firmly embedded and surfacing in all songs. In addition, the use of both lower and faster sequencer patterns (e.g. in “Relativity”) add a pleasant power trail to the transparent outcome, which also holds some minimalism as well. This ride through classic sequencer territory runs through many alleys and levels, which makes the outcome most satisfying. Good job, Mr Seely.

As an extra feature, Sayer added a non-conceptual track (“Evening Drive”) to the result, far different from the tracks on this album, his contribution to a One Synth Challenge contest.


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