Sempervirens – Dirge of the dying year

Sempervirens - Dirge of the dying year

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Sempervirens – Dirge of the dying year
CD-R, New Age Dawn/Stellar Auditorium Productions, 2008

Sempervirens is a dark ambient project by Margus Mets. The eight tracks on the album are of a slight experimental manner, featuring lots of environmentals and slowly unwinding dense drones and textures, together creating a disturbed, shadowy and thick atmosphere with an organic edge to it.
Next to lots of strange effects, also distorted sounding snippets of classical music ar embedded found in the music, of which “Boundless Geologival Stratum” is the strongest track to my taste.

All in all, this free form ambient is not for the faint hearted, but a a collection of deep mindscapes passing through remote, barren and otherworldly environments.



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