Sequentia Legenda – Blue Dream

Sequentia Legenda - Blue Dream

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Sequentia Legenda – Blue Dream
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

The inspiration and sound of the classic ’70’s, more specific those of Klaus Schulze and the Berlin School, has found another fine outlet by the means of Sequentia Legenda. The latter is a French musician from Mulhouse, who has established a tour-de-force with his range of hardware synths in combining the main elements and strength of Cosmic Krautrock into a wonderful, sparkling result.

“Blue Dream” contains two lengthy pieces of 33 and 21 minute each, where by great combos of carefully tweaked sequencer patterns along emotive string textures and expansive chord progressions fill the space.

Here, the smooth pulsating vibe and energy of cosmic (mid ’70’s) Schulze comes to the surface beautifully (fortunately, solos are not at play) in a captivating sound design that evolves and builts slowly but surely in minimalist mode. It all comes together in an encompassing and tantelizing flight heading towards the horizon as evocative farscapes, colors and shapes pass by. I personally would have loved even more choir pads in there.

Above all, the complex compositions leave a nice trail of nostalgic sonic perfume behind. I for one think enthralling stuff like this deserves to be released on factory-pressed cd.
Very well done, Laurent!

P.S. A short time after the initial release, the composer added a second bonus piece (the 15-minute Vibrations) to the album.


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