Sequentia Legenda – Ethereal

Sequentia Legenda - Ethereal

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Sequentia Legenda – Ethereal
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

Laurent Schieber is one of the purveyors of classic Berlin School music (most notably late ‘70’s Schulze but without any soloing) executed through long, slow evolving and building tracks. He has a keen eye and ear combining sequencer patterns & rhythms to a mesmerizing minimalist whole.

This, combined with warm flowing pads, makes up the symphonic-flavored music on “Ethereal’s” opener “Stratums of Seraphic Voices” which I rate the best take on the release. More energy and a lovely soft-hammering xylophone-pattern are displayed on the second piece “Around the Second Moon”. The atmospheric, most cosmic side of Sequentia Legenda’s music makes up the deep and grand aural space on the third and last piece “Elevation”. To all these tracks, Tommy Betzler provided some fitting minimalist drums and percussion similar to the stuff heard in vintage Schulze.

So if you fancy spacing out in vintage Em-style with a repetitive sound design the almost 70-minute “Ethereal” -a tribute to the legendary Moog modular- makes an appropriate candidate.


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