Sigma – Between Here and There

Sigma - Between Here and There

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Sigma – Between Here and There
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2009

From the cd-sleeve I learned this concept-recording was originally recorded for the Finnish radio program Aaniversumi.

The spatial outcome, referred to as a soundtrack for an imaginary movie, is a 59-minute continuous soundscape containing lots of sampled, looped and processed effects for which the SCI Prophet VS synthesizer was applied extensively.

The most intruiging, adventurous and rather mystic outcome deals with movement and transitions, and has a lot of crystal clear, razor-sharp environmental and field recordings to offer, embedded in slow morphing and turning textural and drony scapes, all demanding the listener’s full attention.

Mauno Tuominen and Petri Frestadius (aka Sigma) only occasionally use sequencer patterns, such as in the wonderful (but too short) “Traveling Music”. It’s a pity though things get profoundly abstract experimental on “Trans-Siberia” and “Bi-cycle”, deregulating the already peculiar sound trip quite a bit. Fortunately, the pleasant hypnotizing feel resurfaces on “Sound Diving” and the second part of the title track rounding out the album.

Overall, this multi-dimensional and unique recording is only suitable for the experienced ambient listeners who love to take a trip to a world called elsewhere.


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