Sigma – Binaural Beats

Sigma - Binaural Beats

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Sigma – Binaural Beats
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2007

The discovery of their sophisticated album “Sleep of the Shadow” made me investigate their previous efforts, “Binaural Beats” being one of them. Don’t expect any cheesy or song-structured music on this album, as the improvised outcome is unconventional in many ways.

Its sonic approach is challenging and adventurous, while spreading a futuristic, almost robotic feel, although all used sounds are warm. Flashes of Krafwterk and Jarre occasionally fly by in this strange, spatial sounding kaleidoscope of electronic music with a taste of experimental.

“Prophecy” and “Horizon” make a more accessible impression, although there’s still a quirky nod in there, which also goes for the more up-beat title track. The vocal-colored “Give it a Try” though gives an unpleasant intermission to all this. From there on, the music becomes more inconsistent and experimental, with even a psychedelic version of a “Rhumba”.

All in all, the 69-minute “Binaural Beats” offers a most peculiar listen, and is only suitable for those who like to try something totally different and unpredictable.
Otso Pakarinen though did and excellent mastering job on the album’s music.


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