Silentwave – Daiyuzan

Silentwave - Daiyuzan

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Silentwave – Daiyuzan
CD, Gterma, 2016

Welcome in the immersive world of Yoshinori Noguchi, aka Silentwave, a Japanese composer from Yokohama working most exclusively in the ambient field or drones music while addressing themes of nature, consciousness and unconsciousness.

The 70-minute “Daiyuzan” features three slow evolving longform ambient pieces of a minimalist, improvised, drifting and profound introspective nature fitting in the quality league of Steve Roach’s “Quiet Music” or the works of Phillip Wilkerson.

Silentwave’s music is a mesmerizing yet hypnotic walk along the remote path that leads to past, present and future addressing the themes blood connection, history, tradition and the holy air surrounding Japanese shrines and temples. It’s a most tranquil, drifting outcome of ethereal waveform and heavenly textures where the waves swell and dissolve again smoothly in the distant horizon.

“Daiyuzan”, helped by A.P.’s excellent mastering, makes a very relaxed and most enjoyable listening experience. What beauty and reward can be found in stillness!



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