Silentwave – Kilauea

Silentwave - Kilauea

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Silentwave – Kilauea
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hiss Noise Records, 2017

On the 31-minute dronescape “Kilauea” (the youngest and most active Hawaiian shield volcano), Yoshinori Noguchi expresses the beauty of nature in the first half while the second one reflects on the scarier side of nature.

The improvised outcome starts out as an overall smooth, drifting affair of gentle evolving textures that take the listener into a dreamy, unhurried space until the 16-minute mark, where sounds of volcanic outbursts enter the stage for about ten minutes on a background of ethereal, slow evolving and flowing pads.

Overall I consider the result is not as enchanting as “Daiyuzan” but still fitting in the same league of quieting textural musings to chill the mind.



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