Simon Lomax – An Ember Glows

Simon Lomax - An Ember Glows

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Simon Lomax – An Ember Glows
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Council of Nine, 2016

Since composer Simon Lomax started releasing music under his own name he has been able to refine his creations on levels of introspection and expansiveness. He refers to it as an exercise of restraint, allowing the music to breathe and evolve, placing each note intentionally amongst the swelling and receding atmosphere. “An Ember Glows” contains the hour long improvisation performed in November 2015 on Star’s End Radio, a great opportunity to display and shape his encompassing textural soundscapes in the moment.

The outcome, made with a guitar, a sampler and some choice processors, is a minimal and comfortable atmospheric dwelling perfectly formed for the small hours of the morning. These are contemplative aural clouds and calming, ethereal pads slowly moving onward while in transformation. The latter involves a range of pastel colors presenting themselves to the listener while the soundscape comes to bloom in echoes of a time long forgotten. At the tail of the recording, all dissolves gently in veils of mist.

“An Ember Glows” is available as hi-res 24 bit 96 kHz digital download along one in 320kbps MP3 format.


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