Skare – Solstice City

Skare - Solstice City

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Skare – Solstice City
CD, Glacial Movements, 2009

Assorted field recordings, found sounds and treated/manipulated instruments were the means used to create the narrative outcome of the 50 minute “Soltice City”, a project by Swedish trio Mathias Josefson, Fredrik Olofsson and Per Åhlund.

The minimalist ambientdrone soundscapes delivered on the three tracks was inspired by their fascination of three circular stages of the water element into water, snow and ice. The metamorphosis from gas to floating liquid to snow to solid ice through freezing, the light reflecting from the snow and filtered through the ice as a prisma and – most of all – the sound of this ever ongoing circle. It came about as a intense, dark-flavored and meticulously flowing textural waves with an organic current running underneath, all visualizing the beauty and the intrinsic power found in the expansive whiteout.

As such, “Solstice City” is an interpretation of a surreal journey through a shifting, solid-frozen landscape where the city meets nature: the traveller first embarks a ship in search for new territory and discoveries while leaving all man-made conventions behind. The blaze of the relentless cold and harsh morph through the stark, silencing atmospheres that have settled down here, with a foreboding presence lurking in the dark along ghostly plains as the longest track “The Snow Angel Factory” engulves the listener.

Fans of isolationist arctic ambient and those who love the morph of frozen crackles, static tones along eeri samples and industrial sounds should check out this peculiar soundpainting. Headphone-listening recommended.



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