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Sleepresearch_facility – Deep Frieze
CD, Cold Spring, 2007

I actually discovered this album through a recent electronic newsletter of Steve Roach, who recommended it a lot. After I heard it, I absolutely agree with him.

“Deep Frieze” is the third album by the English composer Kevin Doherty, aka SleepResearch_Facility, but his second one for the UK-label Cold Spring. It contains 58 minutes of dark ambient, based around Antarctic co-ordinates. As a matter of fact, the latter are also used as titles for the five longform album tracks.

The music indeed is something special, as it floats and meanders in a beautiful serene manner. On the third track, some great sustained piano is featured on the background.

The drones and deep textural blankets of sounds on this cd slowly unfold with the speed of glacial movement. Mind, this is deep, elegantly morphing soundscape music made of very nice sculptured and resonating layers of sound.

All in all, this is overwhelmingly, grand music for total immersion, and by all means an absolute ambient must-have!
Very well done, Kevin!


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