Solar Fields – EarthShine

Solar Fields - EarthShine

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Solar Fields – EarthShine
CD, Ultimae Records, 2007

November 2007 saw the the release of the fifth Solar Fields album “EarthShine”.

This time, the Swedish composer Magnus Birgersson presents eight lenghty tracks which are firmly rooted in atmospheric trance music. There’s plenty of melody implemented in the uptempo groove tracks with powerful, straightforward sequencers, pulling the listener deep into an engaging well of well-crafted sounds and textures.

Sound sculptor Birgersson aptly blends various influences from progressive and tribal sources with elements from psychedelic, tribal and ambient realms, all making the 79 minute outcome far more active and danceable compared to his previous albums.

This is excellent produced and mastered sonic wizardy with lots of flavours and hypnotic atmospheres which lovers of trance music will certainly appreciate.


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