Spyra – January in June

Spyra - January in June

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Spyra – January in June
CD, Fax Records, 2009

Although the rumours on this recording said quite the opposite, Wolfram Spyra delivers a fine melange of inventive electro-acoustic music with “January in June”. This especially applies to the first half of the cd, including the title track.

On the other hand, one can’t miss the more progressive approach taken on “January in June”, which features several jazzy and freestyle elements which are more present than before. Overall, the mixture of environmental sounds, sensitive mood music and his catchy style of keen sequencing/rhythms still has that cool and mature feel which makes Spyra’s music something special in the genre.

In my opinion, things head towards a less interesting and cohesive kind of music on the sixth track “Xylocity VI”: although starting out in the typical Spyra-way with moody bass lines, xylophone sounds and rhythms, the overall creative vibe and feel isn’t there for me.
In the following track, “Grenzgebiet”, Wolfram even loses himself in harsh rock-like guitar soundings while the warm mellotron textures underneath are so beautiful.
Fortunately, things are made up again on the 10-minute closing track “Eschatology”, which shows a more intimate side of Spyra’s music.

I’m certain this more dynamic, slightly different album won’t be liked by Spyra’s whole fanbase, but if you listen to it with an open mind it sure has enough moments to show its brilliance.

Website: www.derspyra.de

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