Stefan Erbe – Selectronique Debussy

Stefan Erbe - Selectronique Debussy

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Stefan Erbe – Selectronique Debussy

What you get on this recording is Debussy’s classical music taking the Tomita-avenue but executed in a contemporary “German” fashion. I actually gave the release several extra spins to make up my mind as it puzzled me the first time, but proved doing the same later on.

There’s a graceful, gentle and sophisticated way in how Mr Erbe treated and extended upon the various compositions, but also a certain dose of quirkiness and artistic freedom featured in the neo-classical compositions I find rather hard to handle, especially when beats are implemented. Due to that I feel the first half of excellent sounding and mastered “Selectronique Debussy” is the strongest and most consistent, also when it comes to a refreshing sonic approach of these tonal moods.

Despite Stefan’s challenge and own conceptual development it hasn’t delivered an outcome that grabbed me that much.


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