Stefan Erbe & Steve Baltes – S-thetic

Stefan Erbe & Steve Baltes - S-thetic

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Stefan Erbe & Steve Baltes – S-thetic

Intelligent, contemporary and energizing are the key words for “S-thetic”, a fine debut album by Stefan Erbe & Steve Baltes. The 70+ minute recording contains the music played in December 2014 at a concert in Planetarium Bochum.

Quite danceable occasionally, the spatial sounding mood music is captivating and tuned positively, bringing some instrumental works (Elektronik Pur) of Schiller to mind on various occasions during the continuous set. Along some strong (sometimes even groovy) sequencing, the two musicians paint an evocative range of atmospheres, which all received an excellent mixing and mastering treat. The first three tracks (including the title piece) though show the most body and strength as the rest takes more and more dips into synth-pop and techno.

“S-thetic” is for all who love rhythmic, up-beat music rooted in the progressive electronic domain.


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