Stephen Bacchus – Etherium

Stephen Bacchus - Etherium

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Stephen Bacchus – Etherium
CD-R, Akasa, 2006

Stephen Bacchus is the alter ego of Grant Mackay, president of the Canadian Oasis label.

“Etherium”, released on the Oasis sublabel Akasa, consists of six music meditations for reaching inner space. So await slowly floating layers of soundtextures, tape loops and some high sounding accents, all breathing a sedate and harmonic impact. “Winter’s Way” features a nice high female voice.
All tracks clock around ten minutes, the last track “Sanctum” featuring Steve Roach on additional synthesizers. This one is certainly the best of all, as there’s more depth to be found here.
It’s a pity the sound crackles at times during the whole cd.


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