Steve Roach – Fever Dreams III

Steve Roach - Fever Dreams III

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Steve Roach – Fever Dreams III
CD, Timeroom Editions, 2007

This is the closing chapter of the “Fever Dreams” project, a double album on which Steve Roach taps another time into the pool of ambient sonic scenery.

On his website, Steve describes the album as “psychoactive music for the body, mind and soul” which “expresses a craving to dwell within the places in-between, at the borderland of undefined perceptions and amber-colored emotions”.
To me, this sounds complex, mysterious but also rather confusing to my opinion.

Well, the opening track of the first disc sounds rather annoying to my ears, as some yawning ambient guitar (as heard on his previous “Midnight Moon” album) keeps going on, destroying the atmosphere of the track.

Fortunately enough, things change when some very nice pulse sequencing kick off on the strong 18 minute “MetaSense”, which sets the pace for eight other pieces leading into beautiful organic flavoured ambiences and grooved layers of sound.
But again, I wished he left out the guitar ambience here as well.

The second cd contains only one extended track of almost 73 minutes, an uninterrupted sonic endeavour culminating in mesmerizing, hypnotic dreamspheres.

Overall, repetition and subtle minimalism lie at the core of this feverish soundcurrent, which connects to shamanism, deep immersion, Möbius structures and “the places in between”, things in which Steve Roach always had an ongoing interest.


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