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Steve Roach - Quiet Music


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Steve Roach – Quiet Music
CD, Fortuna Records, 1986/1999

Quiet Music” (QM) is a collection of pieces ambient master Steve Roach created in respect for silence between 1983 and 1986. It is dedicated to the passing time and the experience of watching particles in sunlight. The recordings were originally commissioned for several healing arts programs such as the Fortuna video production “Wildflowers”, a journey into the flowering meadows of the Colorado desert. The music was released as three separate mc’s in 1986. “QM 1” and “QM 3” both contained two 30 minutes tracks of continuous flowing music while “QM 2” contained several shorter tracks next to one 30 minute piece. These are slowly shifting and beautifully morphing sound textures creating a sedate, reflective state of mind. In 1988 Fortuna Records decided to put out good portion of the tracks as a single cd, but it took until 1999 before “Quiet Music” -complete edition- saw the light of day. The strange thing though is there’s a lengthy track of from “Quiet Music 1” missing. Disc one of this remastered double-cd set is the original single “Quiet Music” cd, while disc two features side one of the “QM 1” mc and side two of the “QM 3” mc. The second cd concludes with the short track “Quiet Canon”. This is not a new piece, but taken from the end of “QM 3”, but not given a title on the original mc-release at that time. In all, “Quiet Music” offers over two hours of ultimate ambient bliss, one to slow down your mind while dwelling in a serene, peaceful environment.
Quiet Music 1, 2 & 3, MC, Fortuna records, 1986
Quiet Music, CD, Fortuna Records, 1988
Quiet Music (Complete edition), CD, Fortuna Records, 1999


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