Steve Roach – Skeleton Keys

Steve Roach - Skeleton Keys

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Steve Roach – Skeleton Keys
LP/CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2015

Skeleton Keys” is a labour of love for the analogue synth domain and one Steve Roach has been attracted to since he started composing in the late ’70’s. As a matter of fact, he never could resist the urge and growing desire to explore the “essence of the sequence” direction during his carreer now and then.

The 74-minute outcome of spiraling, shimmering and sequencer-driven EM harkens back to the tactile days when big analog modularsynthesizer and sequencer-based systems were mainstream. The 74-minute/8 track result is a constant minimalist pulse of vibrations where patterns and streams are tweaked, in constant motion and evolving into new forms and shapes along smooth bouncing sequences. The surrounding textures spheres are lush, almost vaporous, while melody plays a minor role on all compositions. In all it leaves the typical, pleasant scent of warm analogues, which Mr Roach likes to refer to as “retrofuturism”.
The vinyl version of the release contains three tracks from the cd and one track exclusive to the lp plus a download code.

“Skeleton Keys” is accompanied by the privately released “The Skeleton Collection 2005 – 2015”, which contains the first five tracks recorded back in 2005 that set the idea into motion of creating a project of pure analog synth/sequencer-based music plus three pieces assembled in February 2015.


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