Steve Roach – The Dream Circle

Steve Roach - The Dream Circle

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Steve Roach – The Dream Circle
CD, Soundquest/Timeroom Editions, 1994

“The Dream Circle” is the first recording in an ongoing series of 70+ minutes recordings intended for infinite playback.

According to Steve website, the music was first experienced as an atmosphere playing before and after the concerts in the early 90’s. Well, the continuous 74-minute outcome is a slow breathing and overtly mellow ambient space with a profound meditative current running through.

It’s not hard to sense and hear similarities of these slow morphing textural (heat)waves with what ended up on the Aussie-inspired landmark “Dreamtime Return” and more specific the track “Looking for Safety”. The tranquil sanctuary of harmonic whirling soundscapes follows a certain ritualistic thread as its glides onward somophously and elegantly, making space and time dissolve. Deep immersion, a sanctuary for slow time and long thoughts is what this recording is all about.

While the first batch of “The Dream Circle” was a limited, handnumbered digipack, a re-release saw the light of day on Timeroom Editions in 1999 in a standard jewel case with different art work.


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