Steve Roach – Ultra Immersion Concert

Steve Roach - Ultra Immersion Concert

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Steve Roach – Ultra Immersion Concert
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Timeroom Digital, 2007/2013

In the summer of 2007, Steve Roach performed a 12-hour nocturnal concert at his Epona Range for a selected audience. Of the full set, a 2,5 hour montage ended up on two cd-r’s (limited to 50 copies) that were given to the people who attended as part of their “package” for the event.
Eventually, the “Ultra Immersion Concert” was made available as digital download through the Timeroom Digital outlet.

Minimalism, hypnotizing spherics and more energy-driven excursions all ended up in a 9-part spiral current of sounds and textures in constant motion.During the extensive sonic ride, the 47-minute “part 3” is a highlight, journeying toward a distant horizon as it hovers over synthetic waves while being pulled forward steadily by gentle shifting sequences and structures simulataneously.

It takes until part six before rolling tribal rhythms show up, turning things briefly into a shaman-like ceremony, followed by a profound deepening and silencing of spheres. “Part 7” even features gentle licks of sitar, while “part 8” drifts slowly through a dense and dark netherworld. It’s a pity though Steve couldn’t resist picking up his e-guitar, adding lots of wailing but dragging textures to especially the first half of the concluding “part 9”.


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