Steve Rose – The Diminishing Day

Steve Rose - The Diminishing Day

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Steve Rose – The Diminishing Day
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

The completion of the dreamy ambient release “The Diminishing Day”, very nicely mastered by the capable Robert Rich, took Steve (Austin) Rose over two years. The outcome, realized by synths and e-guitars, still realms in smooth soundscape territory, but on the go appears to be leaning a bit on the melodic side compared to his previous released music.

The textural atmospheres of “Somehow Different part 1” smoothly shift and evolve, sometimes to elevating effect, taking the listener into a kind of reflective zone. The 14-minute “Infinite Regress” relies on a repetive movement framework and mesmerizing effect. It sets off with a sequencer pattern to which dronescapes and a touching solo-voice are tastefully added.

The repetition-formulae continues on the soft soaring waves of “Those Who Remain”, which aptly captures the feelings of remembrance, grief and sadness when a loved one dies. Far echoes shimmer through the piano keys and strings making up the darker, but also melancholic-oriented title track. Here, the sense of being abandoned sits next to a kind of repose. The distant soundscapes of “Guitar Abstraction #4” connect to Steve’s previous sampler album and sounds like nocturnal ambient in an active mode.
The 18-minute “Tidal Pool” concluding the album is a bit of a different story. Its slowly evolving, repetitive nature drags on a bit too much for me, despite displaying an ongoing misty, darkening and pessimistic feel. There’s even an abstract edge around the 15-minute mark. Fortunately, the final minutes float off in a more positive manner offering a sense of hope.

All in all, “The Diminishing Day” opens up doorways to minimal, reflective, and dream worlds.



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