Sverre Knut Johansen – Antarctica

Sverre Knut Johansen - Antarctica

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Sverre Knut Johansen – Antarctica
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Origin Music, 2016

This is a concept album containing contemporary and quite joyous, at times even neo-classical-infused, electronic music dedicated to and inspired by the vulnerable Antarctic region that’s under attack of pollution, global warming issues and other threats.

Despite these serious concerns, Sverre Knut Johansen has come up with nine soft-sparkling pieces making their own powerful, songlike statement in a positive and sunny fashion. Inspired by its vast landscape and surroundings, Sverre’s aural canvas of rhythmic, cinematic, warm and emotional landscape moods features hints of Stefan Erbe (especially “Penguins on Ice”), but I also noticed echoes of Erik Wøllo on some of the calmer passages.

In the end, “Antarctica” is a nice invitation to a different world without worries any listener can immerse, dream and break away without much effort.


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