Synestem – From Spaceports 3

Synestem - From Spaceports 3


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Synestem – From Spaceports 3
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Through the years there have been several musicians, who’ve expressed their inspiration for or tried to mimic the sound, mood and feel of Jarre’s “Oxygene” and “Equinoxe”. The most amazing one until now, and a real discovery is Germany’s Synestem, aka Gerald Wirtz, who’s also an artist of sci-fi art and host of Elektro Klang Radio. The project, founded in 2012, blends elements of old analog and contemporary digital techniques along SF-atmospheres in a very smart manner while presenting the high-quality outcome in wide stereo sound.

“From Spaceports 3” features two lengthy non-rhythmic, non-sequenced space music tracks: the 43-minute “Memorial” and 28-minute “Muse”. The first piece is a most enchanting, calm and smooth cruiser through an expansive cosmos featuring elevating textural pads, special field recordings and vibrant sound effects including Jarre’s trademark phasing. The far less immersive “Muse” though turns away from the previous displayed Jarre-sound, sketching out an original ambient-atmospheric soundscape with some mysterious currents instead.

All in all, the stunning “Memorial” (think the atmospheric intro piece on “Oxygene” with time stretched to “Waiting for Cousteau”) is the key track which makes you want this fine album for sure, certainly fans who like to re-immerse in the aural atmospheric splendor of Jarre’s first two records.



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