Takla Makan – Technicollage

Takla Makan - Technicollage

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Takla Makan – Technicollage
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release , 2016

This album is my first encounter with the music of UK-synthesist Tony Allgood, aka Takla Makan. “Technicollage” contains two 20-minute sets, the first one starting out with a simple but engaging melody on which things slowly start to build. Almost halfway the first set, Mr Allgood introduces a smooth Berlin School sequence to which soft, dreamy and warm synth work, choir pads as well as smooth bouncing rhythms are added. Classic TD is addressed here very nicely but in a less upfront and melodic fashion.

This non-intrusive sonic approach and mellow sound design is continued on the second set. Unfortunately, it falls flat briefly around the 5-minute mark before picking up again, but from there on the various elements/passages come forward less cohesive and effective compared to the previous set. Up-tempo old school sequences along a soaring solo-voice though emerge around the 16-minute mark making things much more interesting again and even slightly soundtrack-like.

In the end I was left with the feeling Takla Makan’s music might work better when he sticks to tracks half the size or even less.

Website: takla-makan.bandcamp.com


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