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Tangerine Dream - Mala Kunia

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Tangerine Dream – Mala Kunia
CD-EP, Eastgate, 2014

This long-run cupdisc, the first (and also last release I reckon) in “The Quantum Years” was made available on the occasion of TD’s live performances in Australia in the last quarter of 2014, but was recorded upfront. There also was a new band line-up featuring the talented IDM-musician Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane playing cello/violin occasionally alongside the trusted Thorsten Quaeschning.

What struck me the most though on “Mala Kunia” is the emotive current running through the whole album, something I so dearly missed in the band’s output in the past two decades or so, which I felt superficial, interchangeable, bland and most stale. On this 53-minute Ep, I hear joy and depth in each of the seven tracks (four are credited to Edgar), with “Madagasmala” as highlight. “Shadow and Sun” and “Power of the Rainbow Serpent” also are powerfully evocative, while the minimalist sound design making up “Madagaskunia” offers shades of TD’s album “Pinnacles”.

The whole outcome -which contains no guitars whatsoever- features warm and engaging melodies paired with tight, intricate and meaningful sequencing, which all give a boost to make the contemporary electronics shine. All in all, there’s some good mood music in here, which (fortunately!) is all centered around synths only this time.
It’s sad though “Mala Kunia” is also the last studio-recording done by the late Edgar Froese…

Website: www.tangerinedream-music.com

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