Tangerine Dream – Quinoa

Tangerine Dream - Quinoa

Release data:

Tangerine Dream – Quinoa
CD-EP, VOLT Records, 1992

“Quinoa” is a 28-minute Ep by Tangerine Dream that initially came out in 1992 on VOLT Records as a limited edition of 1000 copies issued by the TD International Fan Club. The transitional release contains one continuous piece featuring previously unreleased material by Edgar and Jerome Froese.

Although the melodic title track has quite a lot of upbeat, repetitive rhythms, the outcome is a nice mélange of the new and old Tangerine Dream, featuring heavy sequencers along ambient spheres and dreamy passages. All these ingredients evolve in a pleasant and rather vibrant manner.

It took until 1998 before TDI Music would release it to the general public. On that occasional, the original album was extended to 49 minutes by adding two pieces: the 12-minute “Voxel Ux” (originally composed for a competition on the band’s official website in 1996) and the 10-minute “Llhasa” (which is actually the first movement of the Tibetan Cycle-series). Eventually, the latter would end up in extended form on the album 2000-album “Seven Letters of Tibet”, where it was renamed “The Blue Pearl”.

Website: www.tangerinedream-music.com

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