Terran Spiral – Time to Slide

Terran Spiral - Time to Slide

Release data:

Terran Spiral – Time to Slide
CD-R/Digital Download, Private Release, 2001

Terran Spiral is mainly Robert Carpenter. He has set himself the goal to create cinematic, adventurous music, inspired by books, TV, film and even computer games.

“Time to Slide” contains overall instrumental music, except for two vocal tracks, where Robert’s rather fierce guitar solo’s can be heard next to uptempo sequencers (like in the opener “Forest”), but there are also more quiet, dreamy passages to be found, like “Lara’s Mystery”.

In the final 20-minute track, Carpenter pulls all stops but at the same time seems to lose himself in what seems a continuous jam session, lacking direction and structure. This album could have done without it.

Note:  In 2017, the composer remastered the album and made it available as a download including new album art.

Website: http://dragonextinction.bandcamp.com


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