The Grey Encounter – State of Decay

The Grey Encounter - State of Decay

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The Grey Encounter – State of Decay
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Since 2013, The Grey Encounter (aka UK synthesists Xan Alexander and Phil Booth) starting building a nice collection of gloomy, spacious and dark sound collages, only suitable for the experienced ambient listener.

The 75-minute “State of Decay” is dominated by strings of post-apocalyptic, dense, desolate and spooky atmospheres, morphing slowly through a darkening netherworld where any glimpse of hope and relief seem absent most of the time.

Organic and liquefied elements are constantly present, as are many ghostly effects and minimal structures. More than once, immersing in the eight intense soundscapes feels like a close encounter with strange phenomena and unidentified objects while the state of alarm rises occasionally.
A way out is finally presented on the beautifully rendered “Chrononaut”, the 13-minute album closer and the strongest effort of the release.

“State of Decay” is a chilling recording, ripping the listener out his comfort zone without much remorse but rewarding if you decide to stay and take the adventurous dip.



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