The Lab – Analysis Paralysis

The Lab - Analysis Paralysis

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The Lab – Analysis Paralysis
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

Ten years after their debut album, the Spanish project The Lab (aka Miguel Lázaro & José Corredera) returns with the download-only “Analysis Paralysis”, an autobiographical 4-track EP putting an end to the duo’s hibernation artistically.

Most of all, it has led to a different approach. “Analysis Paralysis” contains four music tracks plus the 22-minute “Analysis Paralysis Continuous Mix” tying all tracks together in one go. The spatial and detailed outcome is fresh and contemporary, with “Induction Fields” taking off tastefully in soft glowing Kraftwerk-oriented synth-pop style.
“Tau” turns up the moody chill-out alley, followed by the vibrant and powerful orchestral string sections of “Centipede’s Dilemma”. The downbeat exercise “K” is the quirkiest track, melting female vocals with a lush synth-pop melody.

I for one think the first two compositions are the best and most consistent on this excellent sounding, refreshing EP.



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