Thom Brennan – Shimmer

Thom Brennan - Shimmer

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Thom Brennan – Shimmer
CD-R, Private Release, 2001

On “Shimmer”, Thom Brennan continues his quest for nature-inspired music.
It kicks off with the short piece “Radiant Ice”, which returns at the end of album in a longer version.
It is followed by the engaging soundings of the 15 minute “Cavelight”, which also contains some modified e-guitar and several carefully melted layers of sound.

The title track is split in two parts and sounds rather abstract without getting too extreme. There’s a certain sense movement implemented in these ongoing, unfolding soundscapes, which keeps the attention of the listener all the way through.

“Tundra” is the extended version of the opening track, and contains some sampled Yaiko)drums. I’ve heard this track is also called “Storm Drumming” on another recording.
“Shimmer” is another great addition to the collection of fluid soundworks by Thom Brennan.


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