Thought Guild – Electric Curios

Thought Guild - Electric Curios

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Thought Guild – Electric Curios
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2013

Although “Third Voyage” was the last complete Thought Guild album, Gregory Kyryluk decided to release another TG-album in November 2013: “Electric Curios” is a compilation of lost and very early music predating the debut “Context”. It was never to be released but since Christopher Cameron is no longer alive and no one else is making the effort. So Mr Kyryluk did the right thing to share it with the EM community and beyond.

Despite its unpolished character and various thin/flat sounding passages (due to the band’s spontaneous inspiration and creative input of the moment) the tracks on this release are certainly no leftovers. It’s a pity the nice opening track is so short, but things are put on the tracks when sequencers and analogue drum machines hit the road on the next seven pieces. Here, Thought Guild is defining its own sonic signature and strength in no time.

A slight psychedelic approach is found on the atmospheric first half of the 18-minute “Interstellar Hitchhikers”, followed by various sequencer lines and vintage sound layers. Most pleasant cosmic realms surface on “Juniper Moon” and “Angels in Empty Rooms”, which I’m sure would shine even more after quite a bit of audio work. The album also includes two live beauties, the imaginative “Machines at the edge of dawn” and the lovely tranquil “Before we migrate”.

All in all, I’m sure Mr Cameron would agree all these pieces need to be heard in the public domain, despite its clear shortcomings.


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