Three-Six (36) – Black Soma

Three-Six (36) - Black Soma

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Three-Six (36) – Black Soma
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3Six Recordings, 2017

A strong sense of the eternal, vast open spaces along a profound emotive current of longing and melancholy are found at the heart of Dennis Huddleston’s velvet ambient project “Black Soma”.

The eight tracks set out on a lush, gentle-melodic drift of ethereal, cosmic-infused and minimal-oriented textures calming down the mind as it journeys smoothly into the infinite distance. The warm synth washes of the (opening) title piece and “Black Halcyon” are simply breathtaking and pure delights for any fan of high-quality ambient music. Other moments of delight are when string pads are implemented like on the soothing, far-off drift “Black Sleep” while I think it almost impossible one is not touched by the highly emotive “Black Cascade” putting a lovely ending to this release. “Black Soma” is a most elegant and fulfilling sonic exercise I rate among the best Dennis has made so far.

The special edition of “Black Soma” comes with a bonus disc featuring the previously vinyl-exclusive Ep’s “Sine Dust” (fully re-mixed and analogue remastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri), “Tomorrow’s Explorers” plus an exclusive bonus track “Black Sand”.


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