Three-Six (36) – Dream Tempest

Three-Six (36) - Dream Tempest

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Three-Six (36) – Dream Tempest
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3Six Records, 2014

The intrinsic drone world of textures and soundscapes found on the first half of 36’s sixth album “Dream Tempest” offers a lighter (or maybe brighter might suit better) tone without losing that beautiful sense of glowing melancholy that graced the previous releases. In addition, the introspective as emotive ambient ride gradually unfolding here has a more optimistic but still reflective nature, trying to depict a sense of longing.

Halfway the day-dream music though, starting with “Tired”, there’s a sonic shift to sparser, somber yet darker flavored sonic musings. The uplifting, soft glimmering “Hyperbox” is a tiny sonic cocoon painting the simple joy brought by a children’s music box. Perfect Numbers carries this realm a bit further, before the nicely distorted textural layers of “Redshift” submerge the listener once more into deeper grounds. On the almost 10- minute “Always”, the intense spheres culminate and bloom in a typical 36-style.

If you’re in need of some celestial and emotive ambient, the imaginative and subtle distorted dronescapes of “Dream Tempest” will serve well as sonic vehicle, seamlessly merging optimism and melancholy.


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