Three-Six (36) – Further Rooms

Three-Six (36) - Further Rooms

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Three-Six (36) – Further Rooms
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, A Strangely Isolated Place, 2016

What I got here is a hidden album offered initially to every customer who bought a vinyl copy of 36’s “The Infinity Room” which contained an URL plus password etched in to the runout.

The 26-minute “Further Rooms” offers another six fine crafted ambient tracks (“Room X1 – Room X6”) sonically extending on the ethereal realm of emotive, warm, analogue tones and deep soundscape textures. They all dwell in melancholy and remoteness, but it’s “The Infinity Room” painting the bigger aural picture.

Meanwhile, “Further Rooms” is available as part of 36’s ever extending “Orphan Works” compilation on Bandcamp.


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