Three-Six (36) – Hollow

Three-Six (36) - Hollow

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Three-Six (36) – Hollow
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3six Recordings, 2010

“Hollow” is the second studio album by 36, also marking the second part of a trilogy (as the cd cover states Part 2 of 3) which was started by the impressive “Hypersona”.

Well, at first glance it seemed the sonic journey continued in a similar manner, but here the dreamy, textural soundscapes also occasionally feature a good portion of heavily processed guitar and vintage string pads, such as in the opening title track.

But there’s also the introspective, reflective side of the music by 36, very nicely displayed on e.g. “Find me” or “Home”, which are both so delicately rendered. The music moves into more minimal territory on “Tunnel”, followed by the ghostlike, organic flavoured spherics and washes of white noise of the slow morphing “Geiga”.
This hypnotizing ambient music with grainy elements nicely shifts into the moody spheres of “Ghostfields” and “Freefall Peak” or the short fairytale realm of “Fiona’s Room”.

“Siren” submerges in dense, cloudy soundscapes, followed by the heavy distorted and noisy sound worlds of “Darkroom distortion”. Heavily processed guitar and vintage strings return on “Equassa”, lending it a bit more aggressive, but still minimal vibe.

The 7-minute “Arc”, the longest piece on the cd, is another epic beauty. This very nice atmospheric and morphing sonic dwelling slowly expands in volume. Hypnotic sonic perfume indeed. Thereafter, “Hollow” is nicely concluded by the warm textural washes of “Lightout”.

Those who buy the limited edition physical release of “Hollow” get the digital release for free, which can be downloaded immediately after purchase in MP3, FLAC or any other audio format.
I’m already anxiously looking forward to part 3….


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