Three-Six (36) – Hypersona

Three-Six (36) - Hypersona

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Three-Six (36) – Hypersona
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3six Recordings, 2008

“Hypersona”, produced over a span of three years, is an ambient soundscape work by an English independent musician who prefers to stay anonymous, being part one of a trilogy.

The sonic content with occasional experimental elements feels like a warm blanket, offering chill-out, uplifting and drifting soundscape tapestries and quiet piano.
The real beauty and immersion comes to full blossom on pieces such as “2249”, the melancholic “Inside”, “Nephyr”, and “Beacon”,although one should pass the few short, rather abstract and rough edged interludes next to them.

The title track sure is the best track, a very nicely rendered repetitive excursion with a great, smooth flow, although the haunting and melancholic impact of the closing piece “Forever” is not to be missed either.
The “simple” soundings of “Hypersona” are exquisite and very effective, both a real treat for the ears and something to make your mind gently settle down.
Nicely done indeed.

The full album is available as mp3 release on the artist’s website to get a clear picture of what the music is all about. And when you like it, do buy a physical copy in full audio quality on the interesting conditions listed on the site.


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