Three-Six (36) – The Infinity Room

Three-Six (36) - The Infinity Room

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Three-Six (36) – The Infinity Room
LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, A Strangely Isolated Place, 2016

This time around, UK sound sculptor and ambient artist Dennis Huddleston, aka 36, presents us another lovely mellow project to please the ears. Sonically, “The Infinity Room” incorporates the realm of “Sine Dust” and “Hypersona” and 36’s overall hallmark of subtle, shifting repetition.

Inspired by the composer’s home and studio and using just a limited sound palette, the recording features ten emotive, gentle-melodic and enchanting tracks (rooms) airing a lovely spacious- and lushness throughout. The smoothly sequenced “Room 3” has a slight air of TD’s “Love on a real train” while melancholic, intimate, soft-breathing textural mists fill the space on “Room 5” and “Room 6”.

On the last few pieces, the meticulously dwelling soundscapes start to fade and vaporize, disappearing in the distance step by step. To hear it submerge into liquid on the final piece is simply mesmerizing. What Mr. Huddleston delivered here is some beautifully rendered quality ambient. Hats off, Dennis!


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