Three-Six (36) – Void Dance

Three-Six (36) - Void Dance

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Three-Six (36) – Void Dance
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, 3Six Records, 2015

It’s time for change, as Dennis Huddleston (aka 36) has tried his hand on incorporating more melodic flavors and a slight song-like approach in the ambient and symphonic atmospheres of “Void Dance”. ”

The emotive and soaring already kick in beautifully on opener “Hold On”, leading into an album where elevating and ethereal spheres along feelings of loneliness, despair, mourning and melancholy are present and displayed in various dosages and forms (e.g. “Stasis Eject”,“Sine Dust”). Still, an introspective emotive current is tying the sonic narrative together, with occasional fresh interludes/electronic experiments (“Meshi Echelon”) and rhythmic, minimalist-sequenced outings such as the livelier “Pulse Dive” (from the same-titles EP) and “Tomorrow’s World” passing by along the journey.

A similar mood along lightness and balance is contained on the smooth swirling and gently orchestrated title track. It makes great soundtrack-piece in a nutshell. Feelings of loss and hope both shimmer through the, atmospheric surface of “The Last Light”, a 9-minute evocation and inward travel. Thereafter, “Endless” serves as a mesmerizing outro, expressing a moody “we will meet again feel and so long for now” message to the listener.

Overall, “Void Dance” reveals a nice sonic turn in 36’s music while referring back to his core sound simultaneously.


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