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Tim Story - Beguiled

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Tim Story – Beguiled
CD, Hearts of Space, 1991

Those who love melancholic instrumental and somewhat eccentric music are at the right spot with the contemporary ambient music of Tim Story.

On “Beguiled”, Martha Reikow joins Mr Story on cello, while Tim himself plays synths, sampling instruments, treatments, piano, and e-guitar.
Tim about the recording: “Despite its simplicity, this music is not often easy. Nor is its emotional impact, though powerful, usually cheerful or happy. At its best such music resonates with a simple truth, and is as sublime and complex, as inextricable from life, as delight or sorrow.”

The 12 introspective tracks on this 45-minute release shine a little warm light of their own, they are all miniatures of emotion and passion that could act as modern chamber music displaying a sonic richness and melody within its pure musical poetry.

The gentle, subtle and fine crafted pieces of “Beguiled” are simply beautiful. If you like Harold Budd or Mark Isham, this is for you.

Website: www.timstory.com

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