Tim Story – Wheat and Rust

Tim Story - Wheat and Rust

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Tim Story – Wheat and Rust
LP/CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cicada/Uniton, 1987

Quiet, unhurried observations in pastoral ambient could have been the subtitle of Tim Story’s album “Wheat and Rust”. The music itself, composed with piano, synthesizers and a bit of guitar, creates contemplative, dreamlike and imaginary spheres where slices of melancholy creep in occasionally.

Of the 12 tracks, I consider the emotive opening pieces “In Flood” and “Yellow Grey” along the wonderful “Chanarambie” the highlights on this release, expressing all these facets beautifully and in most evocative manner. “Vladimir At The Bee Races” is the sole piece on this album of miniature ambient poetry airing a more joyous, lively vibe.

Meanwhile, a remastered version of this work of ambient art is available as download.

Website: www.timstory.com

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