Tomasz Zawadzinski – Sounds like Pictures

Tomasz Zawadzinski - Sounds like Pictures

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Tomasz Zawadzinski – Sounds like Pictures
CD, Generator.Pl, 2008

According to the press info, Thomasz Zawadzinski’s “Sounds like Pictures” is a highly cinematic sonic experience whose sound is deeply rooted in the Berliner School sequencing tradition.

The almost 20-minute title track starts out atmospheric with rather flat and artificial sounding mellotron textures, but soon TD-kindred sequencing, rhythms and a lush melodic solo lead things into better territory, although the superficial mellotron soundscapes show up again later on.
It’s a well executed and enjoyable sonic ride.

The highly atmospheric second piece “Impulses of Abyss” (13:29) vaguely realms in vintage Gert Emmens-territory, featuring some metallic rhythms, warm solo leads and better sounding mellotron textures. The overall relaxed, moody style reminded me of the sound of TD’s album “Wavelength” but also their classic vintage albums.

The 19-minute melodic “Walk towards Sequencer” is next, nicely following in the steps of quality Berliner School sequencer works with a lengthy, joyful and well executed solo on top, which in the second half gets a bit too rough and freaky to my liking.

The album comes to a closure with two short tracks of four and five minutes each. The free form sculptured “Swamp of Reverb” is a melancholic sounding ambient trip while the sequential electronics, vintage textures and dance rhythm of “Running through the Rhythm” take a dynamic step ahead, revealing a glimpse of what’s coming on Thomasz’ next album (according to the press info).

All in all, “Sounds like Pictures” is an accessible album worth a listen.


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