Uwe Reckzeh – Subsesizer

Uwe Reckzeh - Subsesizer

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Uwe Reckzeh – Subsesizer
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 201

Uwe Reckzeh already proved on his previous releases he’s most talented, and the music of the 77-minute “Subsesizer”, released about two years after “Unnatural Light”, again confirms this.

Uwe knows his ways in composing attractive, smoothly cascading (and sometimes even poignant) sequencers, rhythms and textures with emotive solos on top. On “Subsesizer”, these elements turn toward the rhythmic side, but not forgetting about a spacious and transparent sound design along a great layering of sequencer textures.

Beside familiar echoes of classic (TD-ish) Berliner School music, Mr Reckzeh gave things a modern, vibrant treatment that many fans of melodic, contemporary electronics will much appreciate.
“Subsesizer” makes a well-tempered electronic journey throughout.

Website: http://uwe-reckzeh.bandcamp.com

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