Various Artists – Future Memories

Various Artists - Future Memories

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Various Artists – Future Memories
CD, Interchill Records, 2008

“Future Memories” is the first Interchill release of 2008 and continues in the musical tradition as the previous compilations such as “Interior Horizons”, “Infinessence” and “Bliminal”.

The cd, compiled by Interchill label DJ/A&R Nathalie Edell, holds ten previously unreleased tracks by top ambient and down tempo producers. Although the disc starts nicely with the relaxed sounds by Eat Static, I found it hard to really get into the groovy music.
Maybe that also had to do with the fact that there’s not much melodic next to the chilled out rhythms and sound experiments. The fifth track by Mauxuam also sounded far to experimental to my taste.

For me, the music really took off in the second half, with great tracks by Tripswitch, Solar Fields (who’s piece “Jeezlh” for me is the best one on the cd) Snakestyle, Carbon Based Lifeforms and Cell.
This music which strong atmospherics, delicate ambient textures and hypnotic beats would have fitted very well on the French Ultimae label.

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