Various Artists – Greenosophy chapter II

Various Artists - Greenosophy chapter II

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Various Artists – Greenosophy chapter II
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2017

Here’s a second batch of minimal, contemporary, progressive trance and hypnotic electronics by various artists compiled by Swiss dj Mizoo aka Cyril Miserez.

What starts out in a lovely tranquil, reflective and dreamy vein by OM and Claudio PRC slowly evolves in a few throbbing rhythmic pieces such as Scann Tec’s dub-oriented “Parsec”, the cyclic down-tempo of Cell and the techno-pulse electronics of Aes Dana. The string of music is deranged quite a bit by the rather harsh and rough contribution of I Awake but shifts back on track when it’s the turn of Mystic Crock. Ascendant’s hypnotizing “Black Flowers” percolates things back to Aes Dana’s high level tech-tronics before its winds down with Miktek’s heavy beat-spiced “As Mnemonics”.

As a whole and compared to the first volume, the outcome of the excellent sounding “Greenosophy chapter two” (featuring the works of lesser known names from the scene) is more differentiated but also took longer and proved tougher to appreciate despite various spins and (not unimportant) the right setting for listening.

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