Various Artists – Gyalpo

Various Artists - Gyalpo

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Various Artists – Gyalpo
CD, Gterma, 2012

“Gyalpo” (“King” in Tibetan mythology) is a 77-minute concept album with deep atmospheric ambient music dedicated to the great protectors of our realm, a tributary to the Four Heavenly Kings, Caturmaharajika.
The accompanying 12-page cd-booklet is graced with beautiful photos from the neighbouring Ladakh province in India. Label manager Johan Rehn has managed to integrate the profound output of four composers (A.P, Earth Vibration, Mathias Grassow and Indo) to each provide “an interpretation of one of the four guardian kings and their continuous efforts to ward off all evil that threatens our world”.

Longform textural landscapes and massive drone tapetries are already introduced by A.P. on the first track, followed by a more rhythmic-oriented atmospheric treatise with Asian vibrations and sitar by Earth Vibration. Mathias Grassow continues the dense and mysterious journey with vast, drifting, but overall minimal soundscapes.

The final piece is a 34-minute composition by Indo, aka Hungarian artist Andras Kiss, a deep atmospheric and minimal trip that can comfortably sit next to the tranquil explorations of David Parsons. It’s actually the lenghty bonustrack also found on Indo’s “Winter in Zangla”, but now heard as an early version of ethereal dronescapes with subtle sequences and tablas.

Overall, “Gyalpo” makes a pleasant, hypnotizing and deep listening experience for the mature ambient fan.
Headphone-listening recommended!

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