Various Artists – The Sound of Syndae

Various Artists - The Sound of Syndae

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Various Artists – The Sound of Syndae
CD, Private Release, 2018

In January 2018 I was approached by Stefan Schulz, host of the German EM-podcast Syndae to join the jury to select music to go on Syndae’s 10th anniversary cd “The Sound of Syndae”, a compilation album scheduled for fall 2018. In total, 94 minutes of music/17 tracks (of which I should choose 8 tracks that should make it onto the disc) was provided without any info about the artists with an evaluation deadline end of June.

All music proved a variation on the Syndae theme, same as John Kerr did with his project “The Seed” back in 1992. The now released 78-minute outcome starts promising with Chris Gates’ “This is Syndae”, delivering another 12 tracks of typical Moonbooter-style oriented uptempo melodic Em thereafter where every musician takes his own take on the provided melody. Although not a fan of variations-on-a-theme concept I’d say Stan Dart’s “Syndae´s Nightmare” is the best track, while Moonbooter’s “Syndae’s Theme”, Rudolf Heimann’s “Analogue Delight” and Stefan Erbe’s “GP” make fine ones as well. I suggest you check them out to get a feel of this release….


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