Vauxia Errante – Cambrian Spirits

Vauxia Errante - Cambrian Spirits

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Vauxia Errante – Cambrian Spirits
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altera Orbe, 2012

Vauxia Errante is a Spanish composer who was signed to the Altera Orbe label in the second half of 2012. His debut release “Cambrian Spirits” (on which he received assistance by Ran Kirlian on synths, flutes and tribal groove creation) is a deep organic soundtrip into subterranean landscapes and a reality beyond imagination, a slow morphing and shifting world of shadows along profound mystery, all demanding deeper listening.

The continuous aural painting, presented in six extended pieces, offers many layers and distinct liquid atmospheres, imagining grand spaces (e.g. “Xandarella Spectaculum”) while a dark, not too foreboding current pushes things onward. To get a feel of this, think of the haunting, in-depth ambient landscapes that reign on the organic works of Amir Baghiri or Roach’s “Well of Souls” and “Ascension of Shadows”. It takes until the title track before a slab of tribal groove rhythm shows up.

I reckon a bit more work on production and mastering would open up the album’s rather thick sound design and give it some transparency, air and detail. Don’t forget your flashlight when you decide to descent into this rather ghostly, sinister-ish but quite rewarding aural netherworld.

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