Vauxia Errante – La Création du Monde

Vauxia Errante - La Création du Monde

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Vauxia Errante – La Création du Monde
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Altera Orbe, 2013

The 22-minute “La Création du Monde”, mastered by Ran Kirlian, is the third instalment in the Woomh EP series which involves Altera Orbe artists. The concept reminds of the Amplexus mini-album cd series, offering sonic explorations in deep ambient.

The long form piece is a slow morphing and spiraling journey of dense textures and liquid masses airing profound desolation and remoteness through its organic-based aural tapestry. In the second half, a primordial roaring soundscape surfaces meticulously as the elements start to take shape and solidify from the chemistry pool. All in all this recording makes quite an intense and absorbing ambient ride.

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